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All + List + Things + Blogs + Apps + Technologies

ALTBAT is a simple and easy to use note-taking and sharing app. Make a personal list (privately or socially) and capture those thoughts and ideas in few easy steps below. Using the camera feature for taking a photo and labels for description… that’s it!

It tries to resolve the issue of NOT-HAVING to think over every bit of information, based on possible groupings like notebooks, category or even hashtags…

Too many questions to ask, but can you can FIND it again? or will it still be RELEVANT later after you forgot where you’ve categorised it…?

Searchable and discoverable using the search feature for those serendipitous moment…

Capture anything and everything…quickly and easily!


Capture your ideas in simple steps below

  1. Click the ‘+’ button
  2. Take a photo
  3. Add your title, type and short description


  • Easy to scroll list view with thumbnail images and labels
  • Search field for title, types and keyword descriptions
  • List of Blog posts, interesting news items and note-worthy articles curated by ALTBAT including its online presence and social media details.
  • Social media sharing via Facebook or Twitter

altbat-step-3NOTES AND IDEAS

  • Capture everyday thoughts and ideas
  • Inspirational quotes (discovered at the subway or train station etc)
  • Do-It-Yourself instruction or tips
  • Interesting books at the shops or public library
  • Interesting billboard or funny poster you’d like to capture/label privately or even share via social media
  • Doodle artworks/inspirations or design ideas from a coffee shop

Ideas and inspirations everywhere…



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